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UPDATED:  April 3, 2020
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Wednesday, June 12th - Sports Day
Hello Camp Parents,

Our third day of camp was a winner!

First our housekeeping chores:
1)Reminder that Thursday and Friday themes have been switched. Thursday will be science day and Friday will be farm day.
2)There are pictures of our camp days on our website:

Wednesday - Sports day. Here is a summary of our day.

We didn’t know we had so many young sports fans! Everyone had a chance to participate in games of chance and skill in the downstairs playroom. From dunking baskets, bowling, walking the balance beam to playing on scooters, the children had a fun time in the sports park.

Snack: Today each child decorated and assembled their own snack cone. First, they decorated the paper, then rolled it to be a cone shape. The 2’s and 3’s filled their cone with preschool trail mix (pretzels, puffed rice, Wheat Thins). The 4’s and Kdg. popped their own popcorn using a hot air popper and filled their cone with the delicious treat. The smell wafted through the school. Each class also enjoyed lemonade or juice with their snack today.

2’s: The 2’s sponge painted a paper basketball, and then laced baseballs and basketballs which required fine motor skill. If they didn’t complete both, they brought one home to work on.

3’s: the 3’s covered a basketball backdrop with sports stickers and loved shooting hoops with ping pong balls.

4’s: The 4’s made a football field goal from popsicle sticks. They glued the sticks together to form a goal, which was then stuck in model magic as a base. Then they folded a square to form smaller and smaller triangles which became the football. 
They also made a ball in a cup game. They chose the pattern for their duct tape, wrapping it around a yogurt cup, and putting thinner tape around for a border. They covered the dowel with a third choice of duct tape. The children were practicing their eye hand coordination all morning.

Kdg: The Kdg. enjoyed decorating a basketball backdrop with their drawings and sports stickers. They made their own balls for the game using paper and foil. They also made a balloon tennis paddle game, decorating their paddles with their own designs. They loved dunking baskets and keeping the balloons in the air with their paddles, working on spatial relations.

Drop-in:  The drop-in sponge stamped paper footballs and ‘marble painted’ paper sports shirts using golf balls instead of marbles.  
Click on the screen to see the video of Sports Day.