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UPDATED:  April 3, 2020
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Tuesday, June 11th - Kings and Queens Day
Hello Camp Parents,

Our second day of camp was a royal blast!  First our housekeeping chores:

1)Thursday and Friday themes have been switched. Thursday will be Science Day and Friday will be Farm Day.
2)There are pictures of our camp days on our website:
3)Please remember to send in your child’s blue bag each day (some did not go home today)

Tuesday – Kings and Queens Day. Here is a summary of our day.

It was such fun to see all the princess’ in full regalia today. We love to dress up!

Each class read several books about castles, knights, dragons, kings and queens. They decorated crowns adding jewels of their choosing. This involved using their fine motor skills to apply glue and the jewels.

Each class also had fun playing inside a cardboard castle, some groups adding their own food and dolls to the play experience.

Snack: Today each child assembled their own castle using Graham crackers and Wheat Thins to make the castle, then added pretzel stick/marshmallow flags and Froot Loops flowers.  

2’s: The 2’s also made royal bracelets by stringing jewels (beads) onto a pipe cleaner.

3's:  The 3's spent their time at Tuesday camp working on their crowns.  it was quite a day as they designed and made their crowns, then spent time carefully chosing what jewels and other items they were going to put on them.  Each crown was unique in design and composition.  They all did such a great job!

4’s: The 4’s made scepters out of Styrofoam balls attached to a wooden dowel, covered with foil and jewels. They also made medieval knight shields. The children traced and cut the shields from oaktag, which they covered with foil and then each child personalized their shield by drawing a picture of their ‘family crest.’  

Kdg: The Kdg. made flying dragons by cutting out parts and coloring them. These were then put together to create their dragon. They also created medieval knight shields from oaktag and decorated with jewels and colorful designs. The children worked cooperatively to expand their play with the cardboard castle, adding an extension with blocks, complete with a cardboard drawbridge.

Drop-in:  The children in drop-in painted shields and decorated paper crowns with stickers. They really used their fine motor skills today! 
Click on the video below to see the story of the day.