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UPDATED:  April 3, 2020
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Monday, June 10th - Under The Sea Day
Hello Camp Parents,

What fun we had on our first day of camp.

First a few housekeeping chores:

1)Please send in your child’s blue bag each day so they can bring their projects home.
2)Please do not start the car line. Wait until you are flagged in. 

Monday – Under the Sea Day. Here is a summary of our day.
Each class read several books about the ocean and coral reefs. Many danced and sang their way through the day too. We all enjoyed a ‘fishbowl’ snack of crackers topped with blue cream cheese or butter, and goldfish. The children enjoyed mixing their own blue ‘water’ and adding the goldfish. Making their own snack was such fun.

2’s: The 2’s made a paper plate aquarium. The children painted the plate blue, glued sand, foam fish and shells. The teachers covered it with clear plastic. 
The 2’s also made an ocean in a bottle by adding sand or water beads, small shells, small fish, water, blue food coloring and baby oil. The children loved shaking the bottle to watch their fish swim.

3’s: The 3’s made jellyfish from coffee filters and crepe paper tentacles. The children drew lines across the filter with different colored markers and sprinkled water to spread the colors. Then they glued on crepe paper tentacles. They sang and danced along to the ‘Baby Shark’ song. They had fun playing in water tables catching fish with nets and sailing boats.

4’s: The 4’s made a puffer fish picture by dipping spiky balls in white paint and stamping it in a circle. Then they drew eyes and fins and glued them on. Their second project was a crab. They painted small clam shells red, glued red pipe cleaners for legs and small googly eyes.

Kdg: The Kdg. each made a coral reef mural. First, they water colored a blue background on a large sheet of paper. Then they traced different coral reef creatures onto coffee filters, which they then colored with markers and cut out. As the children spritzed water from a bottle, they watched as the colors spread. They glued the creatures on the blue paper and drew more details and scenery. 
Their second project was a sea pendant. Each child pressed their choice of shell, starfish or a seahorse into model magic. Once dry, they will paint it with watercolors and string on yarn to wear as a necklace.

Drop-In: The drop-in made an octopus by painting a toilet paper tube that had 8 slits (cut and curved) along the bottom to resemble tentacles. They also made a colorful fish on a paper plate. They spread glue and pressed down small pieces of colored tissue paper. They had fun playing in the sensory table. 

Ginny Ilsley and Sharon Dougherty