Friday, June 14 - Farm Day
Hello Camp parents,

We had such a fun week at camp and our last day was a quacking good time. It was definitely a "moo-ving" experience. Everyone had an opportunity to visit our traveling farm. There was a goat, a sheep, a calf, rabbits, guinea pigs, a duck and chickens. The children loved petting, feeding and brushing the animals.  

There are pictures (day 1) and videos (days 2-5) of our camp on our website. First click on the camp day you want to see, then click on the video which is after the summary of our day. 

We would like to thank our terrific camp teachers for all their hard work, dedication and enthusiasm. Without them, this week would not have been possible.

Office Manager: Jane Wagner

Snack Coordinator: Margherita Coscia

Drop-in: Jen Peterson, Sydney Giusto, Bella Cantone, Jackie Schroeder, Monica Fienemann, and Krista Clapp

2’s: Norma Schroeder and Sarah Lavin, Masami Laws and Natalia Espaillat, Andrea Armstrong and Carol Coscia 

3’s: Page O’Connell and Jane McCaddin, Lauren Evans and Lee McAloon, assistant Kimberly Enriquez

4’s: Laura Celmer and Jessica Ilsley, Karen Huppert and Tricia Enriquez, Jen Giusto and Tricia Cantone

Kdg: Kausi Madhavan and Karen Johnson

Friday- Farm Day. Here is a summary of our day.   

Snack: The children made bagel piggies making their own pink cream cheese or butter. They spread on the cream cheese, and added blueberry eyes, strawberry ears and a banana snout. 

2’s: The 2’s made animal puppets on popsicle sticks. They colored a pig, chicken, cow and sheep. They colored or painted their sticks and glued on their animals. Let the puppet show begin!

3’s: The children made a sheep by gluing cotton balls on a paper plate. They added legs and a face to complete their project. 

4’s: The teachers painted each child’s foot with dark brown, light brown and pink paint, then pressed their foot on a piece of construction paper. Once dry, the children added paper ears, a face and the word “Moo!” to make a cow.  
They loved sheering a sheep. The children used a blank razor to scrap the shaving cream off a large laminated sheep. 
They constructed a farm picture, making a barn out of colored paper and adding cotton ball sheep.
The 4’s also completed their egg experiment from yesterday. The white part of the egg in the corn syrup had totally shriveled until it looked like a yolk without any white. They then put the egg into purple water where it absorbed the water back to its original size. 

Kdg: The Kdg. made their choice of chicken, cow or sheep windsocks, adding features and crepe paper streamers. They brought in farm animals from home and built a farm with the blocks and played farmer. 

Drop-in:  The drop-in used red paint to decorate popsicle stick barns. They also filled the sensory table with water and soap and washed the toy farm animals. 

Have a wonderful summer!

Ginny Ilsley and Sharon Dougherty,  

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